Explaining to all of you the reason why Amazing Tom Hiddleston is born, It would mean to explain what Tom Hiddleston really means to me. Because all starts with him.

timeline2 copy

Needless to say, the way I was fascinated while watching Thor … Yes, I think it all started from that moment. It wasn’t Loki, It was not his character to make me fall in love with him … There was something under that intepretation, his way of acting, his deep and soft voice, those expressions that hid something else.

I wanted to know who Tom Hiddleston was, who was the one under the mask of the God of Mischiefs. I looked for his films, his interviews, I listened to his words, his way of thinking … I noticed his way of being to life, the way in which he relates to the people, with his fans … Needless to say that Tom dazzled me …

I will not make a list of his businesses, you will find them in the various sections of the website, but I will try to explain what and why I wanted to create ATH

I know there are a lot of pages dedicated to this marvellous English Actor, a lot of blogs, forums, web sites … but I wanted something of my own, because I have never found something that satisfied me in every way. Some web sites provide only information, others make only some comments and  some are not updated etc. …

I needed to create something that maintained the balance between information, love and respect. Something made ​​with real passion.
Something for sharing information, to keep fans really informed about everything related to Hiddleston, but, at the same time, being in touch with other fans from all over the world and sharing all that I feel for him.

BecauseTom for me is this: love, devotion, passion, inspiration, skill and who so forth.
And I’m pretty sure that around the world there are so many fans who think exactly the same and feel the same way…
So here I am with Amazing Tom Hiddleston

Despite being born recently (FB page was founded a little over a month ago) ATH has found so many followers and they are constantly growing more every day. This is because It’s a very serious page, very reliable, sure and clear and always up to date with everything that concerns our Tom.

On the FACEBOOK PAGE  there is everything, but in a very confusing way … That’s the reason why this website was born. To reorder everything and each post… or the most part of them.
I’ll try to re-post the most significant things about his past, but mainly we start from here … from now…with the news. And trust me, there will be a lot of them from now on.

I leave you with a little thought about Tom…

In the film industry I think that few people can be defined friendly, cheerful, loyal, helpful,
lovers of life, exciting, smart, talented.
In the world of show business few people always have a beautiful and bright smile that shines on the face,
behave humbly and are willing to help others.
Few actors are able to bring fans to tears and to make feel inexplicable and
beautiful emotions with their works…movies.

There are very few people who are able to make the sun shine and warm people’s hearts with few words and advices.
One of those amazing and rare people is definitely TOM HIDDLESTON.
Impossible not to fall in love and not be charmed by his peerless skill and talent …
not that by his extraordinary, refined and tasteful beauty.
So if you share these emotions and feelings for the Great British Actor, join us to share this great passion ❤

With Love … Amazing Tom Hiddleston

9 comments on “ABOUT AMAZING

  1. Totally agree, love this website already x

  2. Glad I found this website. Great pictures, the latest news, everything one needs to know about the awesome Tom Hiddleston.

  3. Great website. Tom Hiddleston is an inspiration.

  4. I feel the same. This is a place to go when I need to share what I feel about Tom. Thank You ATH ❤ So glad to found You!

  5. Awesome! I love how much passion you’ve put into the site. You’ve made accessible so many wonderful things about the man, hero, and inspiration we adore. Thank you! Is there a way to subscribe, so that we receive an automatic email every time you add a new article?

  6. Honestly, I never heard of Tom Hiddleston until I saw him in Thor. I was amazed at how well he played the part of Loki…I never felt sorry for a “villain” before! Since then, I have seen other projects he has been in & am still amazed at his talent!
    Thank you so very much for this website & Facebook page!

  7. Finally! I found something with more respect for him than crazy obsession. Thank you very much for what you’re doing.

  8. I agree with Alla Beketova! The “crazy obsession” that so many have is a bit annoying. I, as a Christian, respect Mr. Hiddleston.

    A wonderful job you have done with this site! I know I will enjoy it! 🙂

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