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Tom and Unicef


Towards the end of January, Tom told us the news that he was leaving for a trip with UNICEF UK.
On January 21st, 2013 Tom left for Guinea (West Africa) as sponsor and supporter for UNICEF; he enthusiastically joined the initiative.

Tom documents each day writing Diaries where he explains where he is, what is UNICEF’s work is, but above all, he tells us about the extreme conditions in which these people and children live and grow up every day.

Traveling starting from the city of Conakry with his team, which includes his friend, no that, trusty pubblicist Luke Windsor, Thomas speaks with feeling and sensitivity about malnutrition, a particularly serious problem that kills thousands of children every day; he speaks about poverty, their difficulties and disinformation.

Besides the actor explains to us about the recovery and rehabilitation programs that UNICEF has put in place to help these people; in short, Tom does his best to try to sensitize all of us to increase our awareness. He tries to get his words to our hearts and give us a share of what he has seen at first hand.
If you want to open your eyes and immerse yourself in the harsh reality that exists in Africa, read carefully his diaries

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