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Tom Hiddleston proclaimed as a real Super Villain and The Avengers scoops everything

Here I am, back from a sleepless night to watch the MTV Movie Awards 2013 … But it was worth it.
After some misunderstandings regarding times, I finally managed to catch a glimpse of the Red Carpet where Tom came showing off his wonderful smile.
Dressed in shades of blue, jacket and tie signed by Emporio Armani, Tom was more beautiful and brighter than the sun. But I’m biased, so these words are not fair. To me he would be beautiful and sexy with a paper bag wrapped around the waist


Sitting next to Chris Evans and his friend and pubblicist Luke Windsor, Tom is immediately thrown into the fray, because The Avengers immediately wins the award for The Best Fight. Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Samuel L.Jackson and director Joss Whedon go on stage to collect the Popcorn delivered by the cast of Star Trek. They are all very excited and very happy. Jackson thanks the fans all over the world but especially “This guy” referring to Whedon … a real film’s leader. “A very unexpected award” as the same Whedon says and … and “I would be very happy to making me smash any day of the week” says Tom stealing the microphone to Samuel.

Samuel L. Jackson accepts the award for best fight with Joss Whedon, Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, California

Chloë Grace Moretz and Quvenzhane Wallis then present the award for The Best Villain … I don’t know what your reactions were, but I was so excited and thrilled for him. When they called in unison Tom Hiddleston’s name, I think I woke the neighbors and I started to cry like an idiot.
Tom won the award for The Best Villain … perhaps the most craved prize for him, even because Tom was in competition with some of his favorite actors. Actors who he has always admired. Thomas takes the stage with his unusual elegance, kissing the girls and making happy his speech:

“I am Loki of Asgard, and I’m burdened with glorious popcorn …. no,the only glorious purpose I’m burdened with tonight is a feeling of enormous gratitude to all of you and to all of you, very enthusiastic back here.I loved this film. I had the best time making it, and you know, obviously I’m not from this country as you can hear, but you were very hospitable to me, and I would like to thank Joss Whedon first of all….You beautiful badass, you wrote and directed this amazing film, which is kind of a cosmic dance of spinning plates and superheroes, and you danced like Fred Astaire man, you made it so easy.Thank you, Chris Evans. Thank you to Sam Jackson. And absent friends, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner, my brother from another mother, Chris Hemsworth, and a special thank you to Mark Ruffalo for smacking me like a ragdoll….Thank you to Jeremy Latcham, very fine producer, Kevin Feige and everybody of Marvel for letting me play this amazing, iconic character and I think the most unconfortable hat you could ever wear.And lastly I want to thank Liam Payne from One Direction for naming his dog Loki. Now, Liam’s dog Loki is unquestionable better looking, certainly better bred, and probably better known, he’s already got more Twitter followers than I do, but they don’t know who Liam’s dog is in Asgard, but it’s all about spreading the love. Thank you very much”



But there’s much more for the Super Villan and the Avengers … “I would now predict the winner of this Award” …. Brad Pitt says … “MARVERL’S THE AVENGERS” and so they won also the Best Movie of the Year, the highest award of the evening.

Whedon almost doesn’t believe it, It’s almost hard to talk …He looks for the opposite of the word “humbled” because it’s not the right one for that moment and then Joss Whedon thanks the fans, his family for letting him to do the film. Jeremy Latcham and Kevin Feige … the producers.
He thanks the cast “These clowns” he says… The present ones and the ones who are not there. Finally the director says thank you to the whole crew of the Marvel and the hundreds people who have worked for years on this film. Best Movie is the highest award for Joss, it makes him so very happy and proud. At least Whedon says that in 2015 he will give us The Avengers 2.

MTV 2013 (69)

In this way the ceremony of Mtv Movie Awards 2013 is over. The Avengers and especially Tom were awarded with the well-deserved prizes and we are all very proud of him and them.

A couple of hours later, of course, Tom does not lose time for writing on his Twitter account,  thanking all the fans and all those who voted.

Thank you Tom for always giving us true, pure, deep and strong emotions

MTV Movie Awards 2013 – Pictures Gallery

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