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Iron Man 3 – World Premiere

Hello AMAZING Hiddlestoners, how are you?
As all of you know, on April 24th there was the Iron Man 3 World Premiere and our Tom was present, along with maaaaaaany other people.



I don’t know if you’ve seen the Red Carpet live, but really, I swear, I think the whole Hollywood was there.
The film is really phenomenal, and also Tom told this through a Twitter message.

I’ve had the pleasure to watch the movie on the evening of April 24, the first day it was released here in Italy.
I won’t do spoilers because I know that in many countries the movie hasn’t came out in theaters yet.
I’d like only to say one thing … Run to see it, because it’s phenomenal. Really. Robert Downey Jr. is spectacular and interprets his Iron Man beyond perfection (I think that Rob is so fond of the role that there is almost no difference between him and the super hero. Robert is Iron Man).
But, to me, the real film’s revelation is Gwyneth Paltrow.
Without words, I’m simply speechless. Beautiful, shining and strong. She gave Pepper that extra thing that maybe was lacking in the first two films. Both veeeeery good.

As I said before, Tom was present at the world premiere..being still in Los Angeles for more than 10 days (I think to work, but perhaps also for the holiday … he was a little tanned). Stunning in his new light gray suit, elegant and refined as only he can be.

Unexpected encounter with his big brother Thor, because also Chris Hemsworth was present with his beautiful wife Elsa Pataky.
Many hugs and many images together.

Iron Man 3  (22)

Iron Man 3  (24)

But First, when he got out of the car, Tom signed autographs and took pictures. And, according to those who were present : “He stopped for an eternity to sign autographs, Tom is so very kind and nice to everyone …”


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