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Video♢Disney D23 Expo – ‘Thor: The Dark World Tom Hiddleston on his big Comic-Con entrance and Loki’s special relationship with his mother Frigga

When I walked out, the noise was…I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Hiddleston told HitFix at Disney’s D23 Expo over the weekend. “It was like walking into a wall of sound. Like, it felt like a wave. You know when you’re swimming in the ocean, and an enormous wave washes over you, and you kind of stand up, and it breaks across your front or your back, and it’s bigger than you expected? It felt a bit like that. It felt like I was kind of…you know, I knew I was gonna be in the ocean, and then this kind of tidal wave of noise just hit me.”

Although as Hiddleston tells it, it’s a moment that almost didn’t happen.

When I [spoke] my first line [‘humanity’], the microphone wasn’t actually on,” he recalled. “I remember saying, ‘humanity.’ And then it was like…that’s it, it’s all gonna go down. It’s not gonna work!”

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