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Only Lovers Left Alive – TIFF and SANFIC Special Presentations

Hello Hiddlestoners, how are you? Some last-minute news.
The release of “Only Lovers Lef Alive” is getting really closer. The promotions begin, but  the Film Festivals of the most important cities in the world, are beginning too.
First of all we have to exclude “Venice Film Festival” that is taking place in these days in one of the most beautiful and romantic Italian city, but where the film is not in competition.
But there are two other very important festivals: SANFIC (Santiago Festival International de Cine – Chile from 23 August to 31st) and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival – 5 to 15 September)

Only Lovers Left Alive” will be presented during these two festivals. Regarding the SANFIC, the film will be screened this weekend, as of the TIFF, the film should be shown on September 5.

I have no news related to the South American Festival, I don’t know if Tom will be present, but what about the TIFF, I know for sure that Hiddleston will take part.

Just this morning, our sweet and wonderful Tom, wrote some tweets about the Festivals. He also posted a picture of him in the role of Adam during a Camera Test (sooooo damn gorgeous)


Below I’m gonna report the various tweets and the OLLA presentations written for the two Film Festivals. Good Reading


TIFF Special Presentation

"only lovers left alive"

A reclusive, Bowie-like rock star (Tom Hiddleston) — who also happens to be a centuries-old vampire — has his moody, nocturnal reverie disturbed by clamouring fans, a visit from his bloodsucking belle (Tilda Swinton) and the jibes of her irascible sister (Mia Wasikowska), in the eagerly anticipated new film from American indie icon Jim Jarmusch.

In what marks a distinctive change of pace, American indie icon Jim Jarmusch turns to the vampire genre to fashion this gorgeously conceived and idiosyncratic film that nevertheless bears all the trademarks of his work to date: hip, stylized, erudite and acerbic in just the right ways. Starring the incomparable Tilda Swinton, the chameleonic Mia Wasikowska (also at the Festival in Tracks and The Double), and Tom Hiddleston in a major departure, Only Lovers Left Alive occupies a claustrophobic, languid nocturnal world befitting vampires who live a counter-normal existence. Centuries old, they have seen it all, and simply want to be left alone to get on with their (eternal) lives.

Adam (Hiddleston) is a reclusive, Bowielike rock star, whose only wish is to avoid his adoring fans and write and play his music, which these days tends towards the funereal. Eve (Swinton) is his lady belle, who leaves her closest friend, Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt), to travel halfway around the world to be with her lover and live in a ramshackle mansion-cum-recording studio on the outskirts of Detroit. Their reverie is troubled, not just by the fans who close in on and keep vigil outside Adam’s hideaway, but also by Eve’s irascible sister (Wasikowska).

Music, not surprisingly, centres the film, but Jarmusch’s net is cast wider here. Having lived so long, Adam and Eve can count amongst their acquaintances the crème de la crème of artists and scientists — Byron, Shelley, Kepler, Darwin, Copernicus — none of whom make an appearance, but all of whom are invoked in tones of nostalgia for a glorious past that our vampires can never repeat. Hypnotic, dreamlike, mesmerizing… Jarmusch is a master of moody reverie.

SANFIC Special Presentation


La siempre sorprendente Tilda Swinton y el ascendente Tom Hiddleston interpretando a dos vampiros enamorados, y dirigidos por uno de los realizadores de culto del cine estadounidense, Jim Jarmusch, con un elenco que también incluye a Mia Wasikowska y el veterano John Hurt, entre otros: era imposible resistirse a una mezcla como esa, y la crítica y los fanáticos la recibieron muy bien en el estreno mundial del film, como parte de la competencia oficial del Festival de Cannes. Hiddleston es Adam, un músico underground que se encuentra cansado y deprimido de la sociedad actual, y recurre a Eve, la mujer a la que ha amado durante siglos. Drama, comedia, romanticismo y melancolía en el marco de la hoy arruinada Detroit y en Tánger, se entrelazan en un cóctel con el que Jarmusch vuelve a jugar y revisionar los géneros.

DIRECTOR: Jim Jarmusch
PRODUCTOR: Reinhard Brundig, Jeremy Thomas
GUIÓN: Jim Jarmusch
FOTOGRAFÍA: Yorick Le Saux
EDICIÓN: Affonso Gonçalves
MÚSICA: Jozef van Wissem
ACTORES: Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, John Hurt, Anton Yelchin, Jeffrey Wright

Viernes 30, 22:30; Sábado 31, 22:30

Source : TIFF and SANFIC

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