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Thor, Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston turns Loki, the fallen Prince of Asgard, into an iconic cinematic villain

It has only been a few years since Tom Hiddleston debuted as Marvel villain Loki in Thor but already his portrayal has become one of the most iconic cinematic villains.

Tom Hiddleston

Post the blockbuster success of superhero team-up Avengers – which has now grossed over $2 billion – Hiddleston has donned Loki’s golden headdress for the third time alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World.

“It honestly feels like the greatest privilege,” said the 32-year-old, who arrived in Sydney yesterday to promote the film.

“When I was first cast in 2009 I don’t think beyond very diehard, passionate comic book fans Loki was a particularly known character – especially as a Marvel bad guy.

“The fact that people know who he is, I’m very touched and flattered by it.”

“I didn’t steal his underwear,” Hiddleston joked holding up a copy of The Daily Telegraph on “Sunrise”. He added Liam Payne has a dog called Loki. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

Like The Joker, Dracula and Hannibal Lecter, fans have rallied behind the villainous Loki just as strongly as they have the protagonists like Iron Man and Captain America.

For Hiddleston – who comes from a strong Shakespearean background as a stage actor – he “can’t explain” the hysteria surrounding the fallen Prince of Asgard.

“I never expected it,” he said.

“From going back to the first stage with Kenneth Branagh (Thor director) and Chris Hemsworth and sitting around a table and building this story together, to evolving the character with Joss Whedon, I’m intensely grateful for the way fans have latched on to it. It would be ungracious not to be.

“Actors love to tell stories playing different characters and it’s all for nothing if there’s no audience.”

At the beginning of Thor 2 he said “it’s no secret” that Loki has been incarcerated and thrown into the “deepest, darkest dungeons of Asgard”.

Hiddleston said he was able to draw from his experience visiting a high-security prison as part of a drama program and that he was “fascinated by the effect incarnation has on the mind”.

In the meantime, the Midnight In Paris actor is teaming up with another Aussie – Mia Wasikowska – on “spooky” horror film Crimson Peak.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro – who is also behind his “

favourite film of the summer” Pacific Rim – Hiddleston said he is also a massive fan of the filmmaker’s The Simpsons intro for Treehouse Of Horror.

“That was hilarious, I liked the Lisa in Wonderland piece. He is so brilliant. He’s one of the most broad-minded, curious, searching, excitable, diligent and gifted filmmakers I’ve ever met.”

Source : Telegraph

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