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Tom for Vanity Fair Italy – Issue 47

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“Do I look like the bad guy?”

Favorite hero: Superman. Drink: sparkling water. Color: blue. In London we have subjected the terrible Loki Thor’s with Proust Questionnaire and he answered to all the questions. Except one.

If you type the name of Tom Hiddleston on Google, they will appear dozens of fan clubs and sites made by adoring girls. They love him on Facebook. The follow him on Twitter (when I write he has 842 438 followers ), where there is also a page dedicated to Loki (ILoveTom Hiddleston, @ Loki_Page), with almost 20 thousand followers.
English thoroughbred, 32, well-educated, super private school Eton, a degree in classics at Cambridge and then Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Hiddleston was born as a Shakespearean actor in the theater.
Then he was the Captain Nicholls in Steven Spielberg “War Horse” and writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen. But it is thanks to the character of Loki in Thor that he entered in the list of more paparazzid celebrities of the Kingdom.

We meet him at the Dorchester in London – one of the most glamorous hotels in the English capital, with front entrance full of Ferrari and Lamborghini golden plate with Arab fuchsia pink streaks from flaming – ahead of the launch of Thor: The Dark World of Marvel, where Hiddleston plays, in fact, Loki, the evil brother and traitor of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). This time he comes to defend the Nine Realms from an evil race coming from a distant and ancient world, led by Malekith, the Lord of the Dark Elves. Also in the cast, Anthony Hopkins in the role of Odin, and Natalie Portman as the ditzy scientist Jane Foster, Thor’s love. In this new episode, Loki could redeem himself and put his powers to the service of good. He may dies, but maybe not.

Tom has a light blue shirt, a blue dress tailoring, shiny black shoes. He looks like a perfect British gentleman. He responds to all the question except if he’s engaged. Since when, in November 2011, he split from colleague Susannah Fielding, a story of two years, his private life was down the mystery. To those who pointed out that the Internet is full of fans on the hunt for answers, he replies: “I understand your curiosity… When there will be be something to say, I’ll say”. Meanwhile, there were rumors of an affair with actress Jessica Chastain, and, since last July, of a girlfriend, the record  executive Jane Arthy. Some tabloids say that they will marry, others that they have already left, and that Tom had an affair with Lara Pulver, ex of Josh Dallas, his colleague in Thor.

After Loki, in December there will be the theater of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Better to stay on the stage or on the set?
“It’s hard to say. There are days that it is very gratifying to stand in front of an audience in the flesh, because it creates a certain feeling. Other times it’s interesting to act in front of a camera pointed very close to your face, because you can express feelings impossible in a theater. I like both experiences and I believe that they are complementary .”

What is fame for you?
“Every actor could not be defined as such without an audience. Having a wide audience interested in what I do is rewarding. I could not ask for anything better.”

Fans send her letters, dolls, hearts. Do you reply personally on Twitter and Facebook ?
“On Twitter. The letters I receive are often well written, ranging from Henry V (a TV adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, aired by the BBC, ed) to Midnight In Paris, to Loki. I like that there is so much variety and interest.”

Now I do some questions like the Proust questionnaire, to the use and enjoyment of your fans. What is the best virtue that you appreciate in a person?
“Sense of humor and kindness.”

Your favorite hero?
“As a kid, my hero was Superman. But I also really like Shakespeare’s Henry V. And then the character played by Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan”

And the thing you hate the most?
“The cynicism”

What is your idea of happiness?
“Being with my family, relaxed, and be able to laugh together.”

And of unhappiness ?
“The loneliness. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone in the world.”

Favorite color?

Favorite food?
“Uhhhh. There are too many. But if I have to choose, a good hamburger.”

“Coffee and sparkling water.”

Don’t say that. We never heard of a thoroughbred English drinking sparkling water. Say something alcoholic.
“Vodka and tonic.”

If you could choose your next role, who would you like to play?
“An heroic character. I find it exciting when one is put to the test, physically, emotionally, and he continues to do the right thing, without weaknesses. These are the characters that make me cry.”

You attended Eton, the college of princes William and Harry, and Prime Minister Cameron. How did it go?
“I was 13 and I had to choose the school. My father returned from a visit to Eton and said: ” There are 15 football fields. You can imagine ? Fifteen. There is a theater. There is a building just to paint. You have to go. You have to.” (he pauses, ed.) “When your father is a person who comes from nothing and has built an extraordinary life and work, and do everything possible to give you the best education possible, you do not pull back. “

To enter Eton, you have to study a lot and have excellent grades (average of 9 in Italy). But to understand better the words of Tom, there’s a missing piece: his father James was born in Greenock, a working-class district near Glasgow. The son of a carpenter, he worked as a butcher while studying in high school. Eventually he managed to enroll at the university and became CEO of a large pharmaceutical industry. No need to ask Tom if James Hiddleston is proud of him.

Source of Translation: HiddlesLokid

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