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Crimson Peak


Hello my dears, here we are with a news about the plot of the new upcoming Tom’s movie “Crimson Peak” directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Here is the LINK of an old post I wrote about the movie.

Instead, below, we have the plot. Please, carefully read the warnings…I’m reporting you the exact words written in this amazing Tumblr blog HIDDLESTON-DAILY
And here the link of the ITALIAN TRANSLATION cortesy of TOMHIDDLESTON.IT where I found the news

“There is blog of Russian guy Kirill Razmyslovich (http://kiri2ll.livejournal.com/).  He is sort of critic-amateur. He finds (buys or exchanges) scripts from different specialized resources (mostly from this site: http://writetoreel.com/forum/forum.php), reads them and makes the reviews.  I read some of his reviews about scripts of unreleased movies. Later when I watched the movie that he was writing about, I saw that he was quite correct and accurate. But of course nobody can’t guarantee that script will not change later.  So it’s your choice – trust him or not.

Anyway, one of his recent reviews is about script of Crimson Peak (http://kiri2ll.livejournal.com/59769.html). It’s in Russian.  I tried to translate it, so excuse me for stupid word combinations and mistakes”

Boston, 1900. Edith, the only daughter and heiress of a successful tycoon Carter Cushing, dreams of becoming a writer. Her acquaintances doubt about her aspiration, constantly alluding to the fact that “it’s not a business for women”, publishers are not thrilled with her manuscripts. She strongly opposes the attempts of her father to use his influence to contribute to the publication of her works, trying to succeed independently. Edith stoic overcomes failures and continues to spend all her spare time on writing, ignoring all attempts of her father to make her come out and accept the courtship of kind Dr. McMichael.

Edith sometimes sees the ghost of his mother. She met it for the first time after the funeral when she was a child, and the ghost warned her to beware of a “Crimson Peak”. Not surprisingly, Edith touches the other worlds in her agonizing novel.

Meanwhile the Englishman Thomas Sharpe and his elder sister Lucille come to the city. He is descendant of the once powerful family and he came to Boston to persuade Edith’s father to finance his invention: machine for coal output. He believes that it will help to revive his patrimony. But Edith’s father doesn’t like Sharpe at all and doesn’t give him a penny for the project .

Sharpe did not receive any money, but he finds love of Edith. But situation becomes more complicated because Edith’s father finds discrediting evidence on the Englishman and demands to break up with Edith immediately, otherwise threatening to reveal the whole truth about his dark past. However Carter Cushing dies very timely. Edith and Sharpe get married immediately after his funeral and Dr. McMichael cedes Edith to Sharpe and blesses her as a true gentleman.

After that the newlyweds set off to England. What could be more beautiful than the honeymoon in a large semi-abandoned English mansion with ghosts and a man who surely has something to hide? Only the view of nearby mountain which becomes crimson in the moments of sunset.  It coincides exactly with the pictures of “Crimson Peak” that Edith drew in her childhood.”

So, according to the preliminary information, the cast is:

Mia Wasikowska – Edith Cushing

Tom Hiddleston – Thomas Sharpe

Jessica Chastain – his sister Lucille

Charlie Hunnam  – Dr. McMichael

I would like to warn you again: it’s not the final precise information.


Here the first pictures from Behind the Scene of some months ago:

tumblr_mtecq3VUkJ1sgz2h2o1_500 jessica-chastain-crimson-peak-5-399x600 2

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